Hossein Fateh

Mr. Fateh is currently Vice-Chairman of the DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) Board of Directors. Hossein originally co-founded DuPont Fabros Development in 1997 with Lammot J. du Pont, where he managed through a variety of entities, the acquisition, development, leasing and management of the company’s properties. DuPont Fabros Technology completed its initial public offering in the fall of 2007. Hossein served as President & CEO of the public company from October 2007 – February 2015. DuPont Fabros data centers grew from zero to over $250M on annualized EBITDA under his leadership.

Dalian Development LLC

Founder of Dalian Development LLC which develops and builds luxury residential apartments. Dalian currently has projects under development in San Antonio, TX and Philadelphia, PA totaling just over 1,000 units.

Dalian Monterrey Village in San Antonio delivers October 2015 with 360 units. This project is designed as garden style apartments. Dalian has an additional 360 units under contract in Texas, expecting to start construction in September 2016.

Dalian on Fairmont Park delivers 293 luxury units, an eight story building on top of Whole Foods located in Philadelphia the summer 2016.

Falvez Energy LLC

Hossein is also co-founder of Falvez Energy LLC with Leandro Alves. Falvez Energy currently has a 156 megawatts wind farm under construction in the Texas Panhandle. The first wind farm is expected to generate revenue in the fall of 2016. The project is expected to cost $270M. The project is financed with tax equity, back leveraged senior and junior financing. Falvez is the developer and is contributing the sponsor’s equity in the project. Falvez Energy is targeting an additional two wind projects in 2016 in the US totaling over 500 megawatts.

Prior to 1997

Prior to DuPont Fabros, Hossein served from 1990 to 1997 as vice president of a broad-based real estate development company, where he was responsible for acquisitions, development, leasing, financing and sales. Hossein earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Finance from George Washington University.


Hossein lives in Washington, DC with his wife Dalia and their 3 children. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing and running.

"Our personal accomplishments are important but its what we accomplish for others that is most important."

"Our personal accomplishments are important but its what we accomplish for others that is most important."